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The Need for Equity Release

Looking for ways to raise money in addition to your pension? Looking for an easier life after retirement? Equity release may be the BEST option for you. Equity release taps into the wealth of your home to provide you the spending power TODAY. Obtaining equity release on your home will not only provide you money, No Negative Equity Guarantee ensures that neither the borrower nor his beneficiaries have any surplus debt once the borrower dies or is shifted to long term care! 

There are many ways of arranging an equity release on your home. The method prevailing in UK is the lifetime mortgage. You can understand it as a mortgage loan, meaning, you will get a lump sum amount against your home, while you can continue living in your home. You will not have to leave your home, nor will you be supposed to pay a rent. Each year interest will be compounded on your loan, and your debt will increase. The financial company which provides you loan will get its debt back by selling the property, but only once you have left for long term care or you die.

There are other ways of getting equity release on your home. Another method is home reversion. In this method you will sell your property or part of it to a financial company which provides equity release service like:

  •  Aviva
  •  Bridgewater
  • Just Retirement
  • More 2 Life
  • Retirement Plus

 The company will provide you either a lump sum payment or a regular income to supplement your other sources of income. You will be entitled to live in the home as long as you will like to do so, thanks to the regulations made by the equity Release Council and the Financial Conduct Authority. The company can get to do whatever they want to do with the house or their partial ownership when you have willingly left your home!

What Equity Entrepreneurs Can Do For You?

We at equity entrepreneurs have in depth knowledge of the working and operations of the UK equity release market. We have expert advisors on the subject and a support staff that is exemplary for its customer support. Our people are extremely comfortable in dealing with people of all age groups and also adept in providing help and support. Our staff will guide you with all the procedures and steps you would have to take to get the equity release.

Our advisors know all the benefits that can come along your way thanks to the consumer protection regulations made by the regulatory authorities, the Equity Release Council and the Financial Conduct Authority. We also assess whether equity release is going to be beneficial for you or not. Mostly, equity release is recommended for you if you are more than 55 years of age!

We make sure that if your interest rate is greater than the prevailing interest rates, we will assess whether remortgaging will be beneficial for you or not and then can advise you accordingly! If you are looking for any help in releasing your home equity, contact us to get the BEST advice!


Benefits Of Equity Release

Benefits Of Equity Release


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