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Drawdown Equity Release

Equity release plans are financial options offered to people above 55 years old. In most cases, those who cannot access other financial facilities such as loans can decide to sell part or all their property to get a lumpsum or periodic payments as long as they live. Equity release schemes allow the owner to still live in house regardless of the portion of its value from which they have drawn equity.

Drawdown is an equity release scheme that gives you the freedom to withdraw your tax-free cash in periodic payments rather than in lumpsum. This scheme is convenient for people who need the equity release cash for their day-to-day expenses. Once you sign up for drawdown, you are required to state the amount of money you need for your initial withdrawal. The rest of the amount is saved in your cash reserve facility. 

How to Get Drawdown


Best equity release interest rates 2.96 with One family Lite Plan

Equity release: good or bad idea?

In the 1980s, many people lost money after engaging in equity release schemes. Basically, they would borrow money from an investor and pay with the value of their house after they died or retired to long term care. At first, it seemed like a very good idea: getting money and not paying a penny for as long as you lived in your own home, and then giving it up when you no longer needed it. However, high interest rates and bad calculations on the side of the bowrrowers led to bad situations and many people started seeing equity release as a bad decision, a last resource at best.

However, a long time has passed since the 1980, and now, with stronger regulations and a more fierce competition among lenders, equity release has actually become a very good option to help for older people to stay in their homes while grabbing some extra cash from the value of their property. A recent assessment for older occupiers executed in Northern Ireland showed how a wide range of providers actually offered good deals to their clients, with reasonable interest rates, some of them flexible, voluntary repayment options and several guarantees so their borrowers would be - and feel - safer with their economical situation and even their inheritance in some cases. Read More...

Is equity release safe?

Wise decision or unwise decision?

Equity release has been on the table for a while as an option for elder people to refinance their lives or boost their lifestyle by adding extra cash to their personal economy. In some cases, it is a way out from debt, high bills or some other form of monetary restraing. In others, it’s just a money cushion in case something happens and the borrower suddenly needs some cash. Sometimes, its sole purpose is to finance a lifestyle change, a long trip, home improvement or other activities of the like.

Whatever the case is, when the first equity release deals appeared, they quickly gave the scheme a bad name. These sorts of loans were unregulated and many were scammed in one way or another. Fine print, high interests, negative equity, overwhelming debt, hidden charges, you name it. People started to slowly walk away from equity release, as it was seen as nothing more than a malicious scheme to rip old people off their precious money and properties. In other ways, black hat lenders were taking advantage of vulnerable people for their own self gain. There were plenty of equity release court cases, when people tried to defend their ownership and their captital against those with whom they had made an agreement in the past, but since regulation was poor, there wasn’t much certainty the judge would rule in their favour. Read More...

Buy To Let Second Home Equity Release

Equity release schemes are financial options that allow you to draw a certain amount of money from your property for the rest of your life. The plan is to sell part or the entire home while you are allowed to still stay in it rent-free for the rest of your life. This equity is available to home owners in lump sum, periodic payments, or both depending on the terms you agree upon. Home equity loans and credit lines are quickly gaining popularity among pensioners as they add money to your pocket, enabling you to live comfortably after retirement.

Buy to Let /Second Home/Holiday Home Equity Release

Equity release is typically given against the main residential property. However, recent developments in home equity lending have seen lenders come up with a scheme that allows release of equity on qualifying rental or second homes. Based on the standard product range, equity release providers offer either a flexible lifetime payout plan or a lump sum on a second or buy-to-let home.  Read More...

Compare Lifetime Mortgages

Equity release is one of the most popular financial solutions for the older generation today. These plans give elderly home owners a chance to unlock their property’s value and live comfortably for the rest of their days. But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best for you? Here are some insights into the different types of lifetime mortgages available today and who can benefit from them.

What Are Lifetime Mortgages

A lifetime mortgage can be simply put as a long term loan that is secured against your residential property. The loan is usually recovered by selling the property after the youngest owner passes on or moves into aided care. These financial solutions are regulated by the Equity Release Council. Lifetime mortgage regulations are crafted to protect all parties involved.  Read More...

Equity Release Calculator

Evolving equity release plans and services

Equity release schemes are relatively new in the market of mortgages, so they are still at their first stage of development, with new possibilties yet to be offered to the public, and regulation issues in process of being addressed. Even if equity release has been around in the United Kingdom for longer than in most other countries, so we have a much wider experience in how they work and how all actors involved in these schemes actually behave over time, there is still plenty of room for expansion in this market. 

Technically, equity release deals make up a small portion of the general mortgage market. However, current trends in finances, estate, economy and society, and even the political currents that nowadays direct the decisions of our governments, make it very likely that equity release will expand and develop more and more in the upcoming years. Factors like an aging population and better regulations that protect the borrowers from misleading lenders or unprepared advisors are turning equity release into an even better option for late life financing year after year. Read More...

Compare Equity Release

Are you about to engage in an equity release deal?

You've heard about it. You've read about the pros and cons. You've done your research and found about the different schemes available to you. You've hired an expert to help you out in the decision process, and heard their reccommendations. Now you're strongly considering the possibility to closing up a deal with an equity release lender.

But have you truly compared all your options? Do you have a clear outlook of all the choices the market ofers? With equity release schemes increasing in popularity, more and more lenders are stepping into the market with new ideas and schemes. The more lenders there are, the more competitive the sector becomes, so the more they need to struggle to offer you the most convenient rates and the most interesting schemes. If you don't do enough research and compare all your options, there is a chance that you might be missing an opportunity to engage in a more convenient deal. And this is no small thing, because it's about your future, your retirement and your finances. You could save up to thousands of pounds, avoid unconvenient interest rates, and leave your family more inheritance if you pick the best lender and the best scheme. Read More...

Equity Release rates

Equity release: deciding which one is best

As any other mortgage deal, equity release are massive loans that always affect personal finances to a very high degree. All these deals must be evaluated and chosen carefully. There are many different deals out there, many lenders providing their own services with terms and conditions that may vary greatly from one to another. Making the wise choice on which one to pick is fundamental for your personal finances. The wrong step could cost you dearly, not only in money but sometimes even the whole property itself could be repossessed.

Finding an advisor is practically a must when considering an equity release loan - also known as a reverse mortgage or a conversion mortgage. The world of finances is complex and full of relevant details that could mean thousands of pounds of difference between different arrangements, and even have a major effect in your children's inheritance. Only with a competent advisor by your side you will learn about all of these details and make the right choice that will benefit you as well as your heirs. Read More...

Compare Drawdown Mortgages

Shopping around mortgage deals

We might require financiation in our lives for a number of reasons and in very different situations, and in all cases the amount of the loan or scheme will be in proportion with the potential cost of making a wrong decision. When we make deals with reliable lenders who play by the rules, the worst case scenario that we can face is to see our total expenses increase because of missed payments or adjusted rates. These increases are proportional to the amount as rates and fees are often expressed as a precentage of the total debt. In other words, the larger the loan is, the more money you might loose if you don't make the right choices from the beginning.

One of the largest credit scheme is mortgages, which are massive loans or credits against the value of your property. You could borrow money to pay all or part of a house, or finance your life by selling part of it, collecting the money in advance. We will get back at this last choice later. Read More...

Equity Release Mortgage providers

Loans against your home: the pros and cons

For a wide number of reasons, you might want to take on a loan at some point in your life. Be it to buy something expensive, to pay debts, to manage bills or expenses, to fix things or to make big changes or investments in your life, you might have to - or want to - pay for things you cannot afford on your own. Taking on a loan allows you to do so, and of course it comes with a cost. Now, the point is, you shouldn't fall under the misconception that interest payments are the only expenses or potential risks associated with taking on a loan. 

When you find out about the actual process of borrowing money as a loan, you will find out about other fees involved, and if you make the wise decision to hire an attorney or counselor to guide you through the process, you will have to pay for those services too. And if you don't, then you are at high risk of closing a deal which is not only not convenient for you, but also dangerous as it could cost you all you own. There are many records on how often Home Equity Lenders Settle Charges that They Engaged in Abusive Lending Practices. Read More...

Compare Home Reversion Mortgages

Home reversion plans are among the most popular equity release schemes of the day. After all, where else can you sell part or all of your property for a tax-free lump sum? Well, if you are looking for an extra stash of cash to complete a project or regular, periodic payments as additional income, a home reversion plan could be the solution.

The Home Reversion Calculation

The amount of capital given in a home reversion plan is dependent on several factors. It is important to note that different lenders look at varying factors when determining the amount of equity to be released. However, there are some basic considerations that cut across the board. These considerations include the following.

• Property valuation – all properties that are to be considered for a home reversion pan must be at least 80,000 Read More...

Benefits of equity release

Why an equity release scheme would work for you

Loans can be useful for people throughout their lives for a number of reasons. Money is required for taking some huge steps in live like moving or buying your first car or even paying college. There are other cases too, big purchases, home improvement, investments of any kind, healthcare or bills in general, even paying up debt - which kind of goes without saying but still. And when you need much more money than you can make in a short time, you can borrow some.

Big sums of money borrowed will often require some sort of important guarantee. You can apply for a loan against a valuable property of yours, so the lender is more likely to accept it. Mortgages are among the biggest loans you can apply for, and you will take the money against your house or any other estate property you own. Read More...

Calculate the equity in my home

How to get money from your home

Traditionally, you have three ways in which you can make money from your home: selling it, and moving somewhere else; renting it out, and moving as well; and renting out a room or portion of your property, and living with a stranger.

Equity release deals are very popular today as a very convenient option for elder people to access money for a number of purposes. It is a very interesting alternative to the usual method of selling property and downsizing, and for many good reasons. In essence, an equity release deal allows elderly people to get money from their properties while at the same time still live in those propertis for the rest of their lives or until they move to long term care.  Read More...

reverse mortgages calculator

How to boost your retirement

When you reach the end of your working life, your money dinamics change drastically. Your salary is replaced by retirement, and you can no longer influence how much you get. There aren't such things as "retirement promotion" or "I will change my retirement because I found a better option that pays more", just like there was when you were working. Since retirement means a fix income, you should make sure you have as much as you need or want. You shouldn't find yourself limited in what you want to do in your life, how much you want to give to others, or in which new adventures you would like to embark. That is the whole point of retirement planning.

It is known for a fact that young people aren't very inclined to think about their retirement and plan so much ahead in time, but the thing is, the sooner you get around your retirement planning, the more you can benefit from early decisions and plans. You should get an advisor to calculate your income for retirement based on your current situation, projections and possibilities for investments. Retirement planning is a lot about long term prospects, so there is quite a high chance that you will come across unexpected situations in your life that allow you to have even more money than projected when you retire... or sometimes the complete opposite.  Read More...


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